The Most Advanced WFM solution

The most modern solution in the WFM industry

Competitors rely on 15 minute call count totals and talk time averages to produce forecasts and schedules. It’s been that way for over 100 years and it’s far from accurate. Those two statistics cannot possibly describe the complexities that unfold in a modern call center. Wisdom WFM uses artificial intelligence to gain a perfect second by second understanding of historical demand. It learns by studying the infinite detail of your call records. It understands how to reduce wait times and maximize labor productivity. Make the switch and your call center will jump to a whole new level of performance that has never been possible with those outdated call count forecasts.

Precise forecasts and Efficient schedules

There is no such thing as a perfect forecast because the future is never exactly the same as the past. But there is such a thing as a perfect understanding of historical demand. That’s exactly what Wisdom WFM uses to produce its forecast. Our Artificial intelligence evaluates every aspect of every conversation to form an exact understanding of every second of your business. Our forecast is the only one in the industry that reflects the exact realities of the needs of each individual caller. When you switch from planning based on “averaged” to planning based on exact needs, the results will astound you. Wisdom WFM also understands how to satisfy the scheduling needs of your employees. Your staff will enjoy their schedules more and they will love the experience of speaking to happier customers whose calls have been answered promptly.

Phone, Chat, Email and other off phone activities

For more than a hundred years, WFM has assumed that:

  • every transaction starts and ends in the same interval
  • every transaction in an interval has the same length
  • all transactions arrive randomly
It’s been a plague on the art of call center planning because these assumptions are distant from the realities of your business. The planning distortions are greatest when the transactions are long, including long phone calls, typical emails and typical chats.

Wisdom WFM discards all of those assumptions because it knows exactly how to interpret every individual transaction of every length. The system also knows how to schedule multi-skilled, multi-channel agents for higher service levels and labor utilization. It’s a whole new level of results that you will never experience until you discard the old limitations.

Effective across all industries

Regardless of industry, Wisdom WFM will reduce your wait times, reduce idle time, reduce customer complaints and enhance the job satisfaction and productivity of your front line staff. Our client base span across multiple industries including Government, Telcos, Banking and Utility providers.

For the past decade, Wisdom WFM has been the only cloud based WFM solution approved by the Canadian Federal Government. For the past three years, every new federal government WFM deployment has been exclusively awarded to Wisdom WFM. We’ve replaced legacy solutions with amazing results and high praise.

Reduce wait times by up to 70%

It happens. Businesses grow. The calling patterns change. Wait times increase.
Traditional WFM is not very effective at modifying the schedules. The wait times get so bad that customers quit and new customers don’t want to join. Agents get fatigued by customer complaints so it’s harder to retain experienced agents. One of reasons this happens is that traditional WFM has no idea how long your customers are waiting. 100 callers that waited for 1 minute and 100 callers that waited for 20 minutes are indistinguishable to traditional WFM. It’s been like this for over 100 years. Those forecasts are based on simple call counts and average talk times only with no concept whatsoever of how long customers have been waiting.

You should be eager to switch to a method that cares about every second of your caller's experience including how long each caller waits!

Improve labor productivity by up to 20%

If you are operating at 70% labor utilization today, we can help!
Typically, we've been taught that the only way to achieve higher service levels is to over staff and to operate at lower levels of labor utilization. That’s true of the traditional methods that are based on statistical queuing theory. They plan for each interval is based on the assumption that no call ever persists beyond the interval where it is counted.
Wisdom WFM changes that. Wisdom WFM understands the intricacies of your historical demand. It also knows how to build a plan for the future that queues a small amount of that activity across intervals. It produces a schedule that maintains a small queue across the entire day. When every caller waits briefly in queue then no agent is ever idle. So now it is possible to achieve high service levels together with labor utilization much higher than 90%

Rapid implementation. Easy to learn.

The Wisdom WFM claim to fame is rapidly fixing the long wait times that have been impossible to resolve using traditional WFM software and methods. But that's not the whole story. We were the first to offer a completely cloud based solution and we’ve been perfecting it for over a decade. Implementation is easy. We automate the collection of your call center data into our secure cloud and work with you to understand your agent’s scheduling entitlements and business requirements. Within two weeks, we stand up a fully functional Wisdom WFM instance.

Amazing results. Our Result Guarantee.

If your contact centre is not currently meeting its targets for service levels and accessibilities, we can guarantee that by switching to Wisdom WFM, your call center will meet or exceed those same targets. You should achieve those results within 1 – 6 weeks and your results should be consistent moving forward.

Our Results guarantee means that qualified clients who do not achieve their desired results within 6 weeks will not have to pay any additional monthly SAAS fees until the first month that they achieve the desired results.

Results Guarantee detailed conditions:

  1. The schedule produced by Wisdom WFM needs to be followed. That means the guarantee is not available if you don’t have enough agents to satisfy the schedule or if the scheduled agents don’t show up on time for their shifts.
  2. The client must also ensure that the agents are sufficiently trained to satisfy the skills forecasts.
  3. Recently trained agents must be set to a lower proficiency until they achieve the same level of productivity as experienced agents.
  4. Infrastructure outages and problems not covered by the results guarantee. For example, if the ACD or IVR is not collecting data accurately or if outages are preventing callers from reaching agents then the guarantee is not applicable.
  5. If the calling patterns increase or change in ways that are unprecedented, then Wisdom WFM will adapt to those changes as soon as you re-forecast. The results guarantee does not apply to unprecedented activity prior to reforecasting.
  6. The point person for forecasting and scheduling must successfully complete the administrator training program. Supervisors must complete the supervisor training. Agents must complete the self-training video.
  7. The client must indicate in advance that they are currently experiencing challenges achieving service levels and that they want to subscribe to the results Guarantee. There is no cost to subscribe to the results guarantee provided the client agrees to participate in a case study illustrating the before and after results of switching to Wisdom WFM.
The customer must satisfy the following conditions to qualify for the results guarantee.

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